US Futures Open at Highs

On Tuesday, US stock markets will open at high levels. This was facilitated by the restoration of markets in China after the country’s Central Bank took measures to support the markets. The ongoing season has arrived on Wall Street and the latest political manoeuvres will also be in the spotlight.

Nasdaq Futures Raised to 117 Points

Eastern time 11:55 GMT S&P 500 futures traded at 36 points. Nasdaq futures were up 117 points, or 1.3%, while Dow futures were up 309 points, or 1.1%.

Shanghai Composite Exchange Closed at 1%

On Tuesday, China’s financial markets reversed some of Monday’s sharp losses. Shanghai Composite Blue Chips closed 1% higher compared to a 7.7% drop on Monday. This happened thanks to the statement of the People’s Bank of China that it would invest 500 billion yuan in the money market.

Alphabet Shares Fall 3%

Google Alphabet’s parent company, stated on Monday that its earnings were below analysts’ estimates. It is the worst revenue growth for the fourth quarter since 2015. Alphabet shares fell 3% at the premarket.

Ford Revenue

Ford reported fourth-quarter earnings on Tuesday. The automaker announced low performance in the previous quarter. Analysts expect another decline in revenue, as well as low-income.

Tesla Shares Up to 7.5%

Tesla shares rose nearly 20% on Monday. The mood in the company is positive due to the results of the fourth quarter and forecasts for 2020. Shares rose 7.5% above the premarket level to $ 838.50. This corresponds to an increase of almost $ 200 per share compared to the price at the close of the exchange on Friday at $ 650.57.

WTI Oil Futures Up 1.3%

At 06:55 Eastern time (11:55 GMT), WTI oil futures rose 1.3% to $ 50.76. Brent’s international benchmark contract rose 0.6% to $ 54.76. But it is still below $ 55 after falling on Monday for the first time since the end of 2018.

Gold Futures

Gold futures were down 0.6% at $ 1,573.05 a troy ounce, while the dollar index was up 0.1% at 97.740.

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